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Include these points in an employment contract

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2021 | Employment Contracts

Not all workers need to have their duties and other factors related to their job position outlined in an employment contract. For situations where this is necessary, it’s imperative that the employer ensures the contract is comprehensive and valid.

There are several things to think about when you’re creating an employment contract. These points can provide you with a great starting point as you set up the contracts you’ll use.

Classification, pay and work hours

The classification of the employee, such as whether they’re a contractor or an actual employee is important. The pay rate and their expected work hours should be covered. The contract should also discuss where the employee will work.

Job duties and responsibilities

The person’s job duties and what they’re responsible for should be outlined in the contract. This should be as specific as possible, but remember to leave room for those to evolve as time progresses.

Time off and benefits

The employment contract should cover how and when sick days, vacation days, and other special time off is handled. This includes how they’re earned, accrued and used. It should also discuss any benefits that you’re offering as part of the employment. Things like a 401(k) plan, medical insurance and stock options should be covered here.

Employment contracts help to protect the employer and employee from being misused. Ensuring that you have this set up to protect your company is critical. Whether you’re just creating the contract or working to ensure that it is complied with, you should have someone on your side who’s familiar with this area of law.