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Can you talk about religion with your employees?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2022 | Employment Law

Your religion has always been important to you. The company you started is not necessarily a religious business, but it’s something that you talk about. You feel strongly that religion is important and you don’t want to remove that part of your personality just because you’re at work.

But could this cause any problems? You are the boss, after all, and you own the company. Are you allowed to talk about religion with the employees that you have hired?

This is a topic best avoided

There are some situations in which religion can be discussed, such as when talking about the holidays. But, on the whole, you’re probably better off just avoiding this conversation.

After all, talking about religion with those who don’t follow the same religion could be deemed harassment. You’re probably not going to be accused of this if you bring it up one time, but a consistent pattern may lead to these types of allegations. Other employees may claim that you are creating a hostile workplace or making them feel uncomfortable on the job.

Now, you may never have intended to make them feel this way. Maybe you just want them to know more about this religion that has really changed your life. But intentions may not be all that matters. If it seems like you’re discriminating against workers who don’t follow that religion or harassing people on the job, that could still be legally problematic.

What if you face a lawsuit?

If things do reach the point where you’re facing a lawsuit from an employee or a former employee, then it’s very important to understand all of the legal options that you have.