Photo Gallery

Robert Rediger and Candice Rediger with Elizabeth Marchant and Placer ARC consumers following a unanimous jury verdict in the attorneys’ victory over the EEOC in federal court.

Laura McHugh and Allan Keown celebrate the granting of her motion for summary judgment dismissing a plaintiff’s lawsuit against the California Department Education in its entirety.

Attorneys Laura McHugh, Robert Rediger and Jennifer Lippi answer questions from the audience during a seminar for clients on recent developments in labor and employment law.

Robert Rediger and E. Aubrey Hubbert address numerous labor and employment related subjects for HR professionals, supervisors and managers at the historic Sutter Club in Sacramento.

Laura McHugh, Jimmi Johnson and Robert Rediger outside the Third Appellate District Court of Appeal after the court heard oral argument in Kirby, et al. v. Immoos Fire Protection Co.

Laura McHugh and Robert Rediger present a mock trial, complete with bailiff, witnesses and judge, for the Human Resource professionals of ABM Industries, Inc. in San Francisco.

Upper Natoma Rowing Club Board Members Candice Rediger and Arielle Rediger serve breakfast at a UNRC fundraiser held at Applebee’s Restaurant in Gold River.

Robert Rediger presents a labor law seminar to members of the Western Sequoia Corporation at a program hosted by Catholic Cemeteries of the Diocese of Sacramento.

Candice Rediger supporting her alma mater at the 2017 Cal Crew National Championship fundraiser.